Teak Cask - Private Collection

This cask is constructed from teak-wood with solid brass fittings and probably dates from the early to middle of the 19th century for use on sailing ships. The strong hasp allowing a padlock to be fitted therefore controlling access suggests it may have contained dry provisions for use during the voyage.

Casks of this design used teak as it is known to be an extremely durable & stable timber, not affected by the ravages of pests or moisture. Brass also does not corrode when subjected to salt water.

Barrels are proportionally the same ( i.e. the top and base are the same diameter). This particular design of cask employs a much wider base in order to increase stability and stand upright probably on a ship’s deck rather than on its side in a hold.

The cask was received in pieces; staves, brass hoops, the bottom and top, that had split into three pieces and required much thought, trial and error to rebuild.

Images by kind permission of the client.