Gonville & Caius College Chairs

Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge

Founded twice, firstly by Edward Gonville in 1348 with its second founder, John Kees [Cauis] in 1529. Caius was royal physician to Edward VI, Mary Tudor and Elizabeth I & subsequently elected President of the Royal College of Physicians nine times; Dr. Cauis introduced the practical study of anatomy to England. The college obtained a royal charter to re-found both colleges as Gonville & Cauis College in 1557; previous notable alumni includes William Harvey - a pioneer of anatomy, Francis Crick – joint discoverer of DNA structure and of course Professor Stephen Hawking – discovery concerning black holes in space.

William 4th Mahogany Dining Chairs

These splendid, mid 19th century sturdy, well made, deep buttoned leather dining chairs had suffered severe breakage and then unfortunately subjected to historical poor repairs. Gonville & Cauis College consulted AAMR who was subsequently commissioned to conserve and restore these period allowing them to be put back into service again. In addition to repairing the wooden chair frames the original horsehair upholstery was reused and the existing leather seat backs and seat covers were reinforced, re-conditioned and re-fitted.

Images by courtesy of The Master & Fellow’s of Gonville & Caius College